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As well as your usual reward or to replace your cash/Points system why not include the GLAD token. Freely transferrable, tradeable and already listed on exchanged with more to come. Choose the security, strength and ecosystem that comes with the GLAD Token.

You can purchase discounted GLAD from us that we collect every month from the transaction fees (0.5%) much lower than many payment processors out there, giving you more scope to reward advertisers or invest in your company.


As a website owner you can choose to accept GLAD tokens as payment for your product or service, if you are an incentive based website you can offset your fees by accepting the token on your website. With much lower fees you can offer a discount for using GLAD without lowering your profit margin.

By entering into the GLAD ecosystem you will recieve an initial discount on tokens and a free Payment processor addon for your website! You will also be added to our list of sites that accept our token which could open you up to a whole new audience!


By holding our token and amassing more than 1 million total tokens, you are entitled to a share of our daily transaction fees. (0.5% of total transaction value for the day)

Your Reward is paid in tokens into your GLAD Account. Choose to continue to HODL these or withdraw to sell or use them either way you still contribute to the GLAD Ecosystem!

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